RESPR Customers Achieve Greater Satisfaction Through Constant Learning

James Stalker, Ph.D., President and CEO of RESPR, Inc.

In a recent blog post titled “RESPR atmospheric simulation technology based weather products are about value,” VALUE was emphasized as the key marketing strategy behind RESPR atmospheric simulation technology based weather data products (e.g., WindForces for wind energy assessment and forecasting and SunCloudConfluence for solar energy assessment and forecasting).  However, perception of that value in the eyes of customers is as important—if not more important—as the true value of the weather data products RESPR provides. The challenge to bridge the gap between perception and reality is not unique to RESPR alone, as all businesses around the world face that challenge to some degree.

Every business deals with the above-mentioned challenge differently also. Here is how RESPR deals with that challenge. RESPR strongly believes that keeping the customer well-informed about the problem they are trying to solve before offering any weather data products and solutions is the best business development strategy.

Let’s use an example from the renewable (wind) energy sector. Wind farm developers use 1 or 2 years of site wind measurements and an awful lot of statistical and empirical manipulation as a viable solution to the dauntingly challenging problem—also known as the wind resource assessment—that wind farm developers and their investors want to get a handle on. The problem these folks truly seek a solution for is about how energy production potential at prospective wind farm sites varies from one year to another year over a long period of time, say, over 30 years. RESPR always makes sure its customers clearly understand this over-arching problem. However, it is not easy to impart this message to the renewable energy project developers when the noise from the so-called established but flawed methods is distracting. In this regard, the reader is referred to several blog posts, authored by Dr. James Stalker, on the wind resource assessment topic (available at

Let’s also give these traditional solution approaches the benefit of the doubt and agree that these approaches incorporate such understanding of the problem. But, when you inspect the solutions being offered by such approaches, such understanding becomes highly questionable. These solution approaches somehow take the one or two years of site wind measurements and produce long-term energy production projections. Needless to say these traditional solution approaches resort to all kinds of assumptions about how the atmosphere behaves over that long period of time. Since the atmospheric behavior is closely tied to the underlying physical processes and measurements of such processes are unavailable, these traditional solution approaches are usually not addressing the actual problem the wind and solar farm developers and their financial partners are interested in solving.

RESPR has spent the time (over 11 years), financial resources, and effort in developing its cutting-edge atmospheric simulation technology to produce accurate and site-specific weather data products. In addition to offering such weather data products, RESPR takes the time to inform its customers about the serious deficiencies in the traditional approaches and through such constant learning, its customers achieve greater customer satisfaction. We understand that this corporate strategy may not be a realistic strategy for all businesses, particularly, those that have to meet their sales quota every quarter, whether or not customers’ needs are actually met. As learning and teaching are two of the RESPR core values, RESPR will never do away with this critically important corporate policy to engage with well-informed customers. In this regard, RESPR comes across some potential customers that state, “We don’t have the time to learn anything new; just give us what we want.” RESPR will obviously honor such requests. Unfortunately, there is high likelihood of such uninformed customers making wrong decisions about weather data products and vendors and getting solutions that don’t address their fundamental problems.

In conclusion, when you decide to obtain weather data products from RESPR, you will not only be getting the weather data products you need but you will also be able to constantly learn about the problem and the solution being offered to you. RESPR believes this opportunity to learn about the problem is greatly appreciated by its customers, which will lead to increased customer satisfaction. RESPR will look forward to welcoming you to this learning environment. Make that decision and contact us today.