Management Team

James R. Stalker, President & CEO

Dr. Stalker has over twenty-two (22) years of numerical atmospheric modeling experience.  Over a number of years since 2002, he developed cutting-edge alternative products for the explosively growing wind and solar energy sectors.  One of those products, he developed, is being applied in wind energy assessment efforts.  For more information about the wind energy assessment product, visit RESPR Wind Energy Assessment.

Dr. Stalker has over ten (10) years of combined product development, business development, and senior management experience.

He has earned advanced degrees both in engieering (BSME and MSME) and sciences (MS and PhD in Atmospheric Sciences).  He has devised and taught graduate level courses.  For more background information on Dr. Stalker, please click here.

Dr. James Stalker forms teams with experts from other organizations as required to engage in different R&D activities.