RESPR personnel have educational backgrounds, experience, and expertise in many different fields, including engineering, physics (atmopsheric physics, fluid dynamics), chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences, etc.

The following are some of the specific capabilities of our company:

  • RESPR has experience in engaging in all aspects of implementing new and innovative R&D projects, from defining project scope to final delivery.  Dr. Stalker has direct experience as chief technology officer (CTO).
  • RESPR personnel have software development, testing, and validation expertise in many atmospheric and other fluid engineering modeling areas.  RESPR personnel can expand their expertise into other areas readily with respect to any new software development, testing, and validation efforts.
  • Modification and customization of existing software programs to suit customers’ specific needs is another area of expertise that RESPR personnel posses.


  • RESPR personnel have experience in conducting research projects using any software programs, in completing custom simulations and performing analysis on the simulation output and providing recommendations for future steps and/or developing detailed scientific reports for clients’ internal use or for publication.


  • RESPR personnel have extensive experience in making technical presentations, in reviewing technical documents, and in conducting seminars on customers’ behalf.


  • RESPR personnel have engaged in training their own technical personnel so they can offer similar training services to customers’ personnel and supervise and guide their progress.


  • RESPR has expertise in and can offer IT/hardware solutions, especially in the context of implementing certain software programs for customization and R&D.


  • RESPR personnel are well versed in many aspects of wind energy (wind assessment, forecasting, wind project development, etc.).
  • RESPR personnel have expertise in program development from a business standpoint, in addition to the technical standpoint, and can offer program (or project) management services.


  • RESPR has experience in offering technical and business consulting services as an independent consultant.


  • RESPR personnel have professional background in teaching/developing curriculum for undergraduate and graduate programs.

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