About Us

RESPR is a 7+ -year old high-tech company, started by two Ph.D. scientists, who had substantial work experience at New Mexico national laboratories.  It was originally headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

RESPR headquarters was moved to Las Cruces, southern New Mexico in 2006 to take advantage of the significant business growth opportunities that exist in southern New Mexico (e.g., Spaceport America, collaborative research and development between national laboratories and universities).

Based on RESPR Atmospheric Simulation Technology (AST), developed by James Stalker, RESPR Wind Energy Assessment Division is offering wind energy resource assessment products to its global clients.  Those interested in our wind energy assessment products and services can visit http://www.wind-energy-assessment.com or contact James Stalker at jrstalker@respr.com for further details.

Dr. James Stalker is offering technical consulting services to renewable energy project developers.  These services are offered within the Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Needs (GREEN) based Consulting Division of RESPR.  Visit www.renewable-energy-consulting-services.com or contact James Stalker at jrstalker@respr.com for further details.


What drives us is the challenge to identify and bring our experience and expertise to develop curting-edge research and development programs quickly, especially in the areas related to atmospheric meso-microscale modeling.

RESPR currently has two Ph.D. scientists and has access to many leading renewable industry experts, faculty and graduate and undergraduate students at New Mexico State Univeristy and others.

Note:  RESPR is always in need of people with graduate education (e.g., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees) in physical and computer sciences, engineering, and other related fields of study.  If interested in potential job opportunities at RESPR, send us an email message.